Thursday, March 06, 2014

How to become CEO

How to become CEO--Jeffery J.Fox

1 Always Take the Job That offers the most money

2 Avoid staff jobs, seek line jobs
3 Do not expect the Personnel Department to Plan your career

4 Get and Keep Customers

5 Keep Physically Fit

6 Do Something Hard and Lonely

7 Never Write a Nasty Memo

8 Think for One Hour Every Day

9 Keep and Use a Special --Idea Notebook

10 Do not Have a drink with the Gang

11 Do not Smoke

12 Skip All office parties

13 Friday is How Ya'Doin'? Day

14 Make Allies of Your Peers' Subordinates

15 Know Everybody by Their First name

16 Organise One-line Good-job Tours

17 Make One more call

18 Arrive Forty-five minutes Early and Leave Fifteen Minutes Late

19 Do not take work home from the office

20 Earn Your --Invitation Credentials

21 Avoid Superiors When you travel

22 Eat in your hotel room

23 Work, Donot Read Paperbacks, on the Airplane

24 Keep a --People File

25 Send Handwritten Notes

26 Do not Get Buddy-Buddy with your superiors

27 Do not Hide an Elephant

28 Be visible: Practice WACADAD/ Words are cheap and dees are dear.

29 Aways Take Vacations

30 Always Say Yes to a Senior Executive Request

31 Never Surprise your boss

32 Make Your boss look good, and your boss'boss look better

33Never let a good boss make a mistake

34 Go to the library one day a month

35 Add One Big New Thing to your life each year

36 Study these books

Obvious Adams/ Acres of Diamonds/ The Bible/ The art of War/ The Book of five Rings/ On War/ The Prince/ Bartlett's Familiar Quotations/ Webster's Third Unabridged Dictionary/ The Forbes Book of Business Quotations/ The Complete Works of Shakespeare/ On Advertising/ The Sun Also Rises/ The Elements of Style/ Huckleberry Finn/ Anything by Thomas Jefferson

37 Dress for a dance

38 Over invest in People

39 Overpay Your People

40 Stop, Look, and listen

41 Be a flay-waving company Patriot

42 Find and Fill the ' Data Gaps'

43 Homework, Homework, Homework

44 Never Panic...Or Lose Your Temper
45 Learn to Speak and Write in Plain English

46 Treat all people as special

47 Be a credit maker, Not a credit taker
48 Give Informal Surprise Bonuses

49 Please, Be polite with Everyone

50 Ten Things to Say that make people feel good

Please/ Thank you --20 times a day/ You remember Larry Kessler in our Accounts Payable department--A introduction of someone to a superior/ That was a first-class job you did./ I appreciate your effort./ I hear nothing but good words about you./ I am glad you are on the team. /I need your help./ You certainly earned and deserve this./ Congratulations.

51The Glory and the Glamour Come after the Grunt work
52 Tinker,Tailor,Try

53 Haste Makes Waste

54 Pour the Coals to a good thing

55 Put the Importance on the bright idea,Not the source of the idea

56 Stay out of office politics

57 Look Sharp and be sharp

58 Emulate, study and cherish the Great Boss

59 Do not Go Over Budget
60 Never Underestimate an Opponent
61 Assassinate the Character Assassin with a Single Phrase

Mark Twain

Advice to Youth
Truth is not hard to kill
A lie well told is immoral

62 Become a member of the --Should not Have Club

63 The Concept Does not Have to Be Perfect, but the Execution of it DOES

64 Record and collect your mistakes with Care and pride

65 Live for today, Play for tomorrow, Forget about yesterday

66 Have fun, laugh

67 Treat Your family as your Number One Client

68 No Goals, No Glory
69 Always Remember Your Subordinates' Spouses

70 See the job through the salespeople's eyes

71 Be a Very Tough --Heller Seller
72 Do not Be an Empire Builder

73 Push products, not Paper

74 To Teach is to learn and to lead

75 Do Not Get Discouraged by the idea killers


After a power breakfast they will still eat you for lunch

--------------Barbarians At the Gates