Monday, September 04, 2006

CRM : the Hutch way

It is very funny, how the indian service providers do thier CRM. Yesterday, I got a call, the person on the other side say I am calling from Hutch and we have a wonderful offer for you. I said, OK, tell me the offer. Now, the person asks, please tell me whether you are using a pre-paid or a post paid connection.
I am surprised, I have been Hutch for more then 2 years, the person says he is calling from Hutch and he does not even know what kind of connection I am having. So, I ask him, Boss you have called me up, you say you are from Hutch, don't you know what kind of connection I am having.
Hearing this, the guy does not know what to answer. He says, Ok sir, I will find out and get back to you.

It sounded so funny, the service provider gives away the customer data to these marketing people and they start making calls to the customers. with out knowing anything about them. If Hutch would have done, some kind of preliminary data mining, the number of calls could had been reduced and they would had got a better convert ratio.

Till date, I have not heard from him. I am still waiting to know what kind of connection I have??